Salona Yachts new management


From BMW to Salona


AD Boats, the Croatian manufacturer of Salona Yachts, has a new management with great passion and devotion to building performance cruiser yachts that would match racing performance of the best racers on the market, as well as keeping up with highest standards and innovative technologies of yachts manufacturing.

New CEO of SALONA Group Marc Schinerl and new CEO of AD Boats Oliver Petrina have joined the company in September after working for several automotive and aeronautical companies in Europe. Mr. Schinerl as well as Mr. Petrina have the same great passion for sailing and high quality products, so their goals are very clear. “Creating strong relationships with customers, dealers and suppliers is one of the first things we will be working on. I’m looking forward to develop new projects and replace the existing models successively with brand new models, at the same time keeping the passion and heart of SALONA,” said Marc Schinerl, adding that combination of very fast reliable boats and a lot of comfort with great quality all together makes Salona outstanding brand with great potential for further expansion in the market.

Oliver Petrina educated in Stuttgart, and then lived and worked at several addresses in Germany and Austria. He worked as development engineer for carbon motorsport parts in McLaren and Porsche projects, and was a development leader for BMW projects in Munich. Salona is a huge new challenge in his career.

"As a native German with Croatian passport I have always been attracted with Croatia. Now I've got a chance to show my education, qualifications, work experience and success in the Croatian company. Finally passion for sailing and my professional competences that I gained will be incorporated into business with sailboats., said Mr. Oliver Petrina.

Over the years Salona boats won many regattas around the world proving that Salona can win in the toughest competitions and at the same time retain the comfort that is required for family cruising. The ability to sail fast comes hand in hand with perfect maneuverability and the ability to withstand demanding weather conditions. All Salona models are easy to handle with less crew needed to fully control the yacht, even in the toughest of situations.
“Due to the fact that I attempted several races with a SALONA, I know how strong our fantastic product is and so I know that we will bring a new shine to the yard” concluded Schinerl.